Mitch Greenhill and I released this song on our 1979 album, Storm Coming (Bay Records 215, now available as a CD through <>), with Mitch playing lead guitar, me on rhythm guitar, Stu Brotman on bass fiddle and cymbalom (on the fade-out), a horn section scored by Mitch, and Scott Matthews on drums. I sang lead vocals and the chorus harmonies were sung by Mitch and the Primordial Oohs (Maryann Price and Carol Burleson). “Tucson” has also been released by Rosalie Sorrels and by Bob White – see the discography on this site.


It’s been three long years since I left it
But I see it in my dreams
And I watch those wind-worn mountains
Baking brightly in the sun
And I walk far out in the moonlight
Drink the dark like a Spanish wine
Talking to the old saguaro
With tomorrow far from my mind

I’m on my way back to Tucson once again
On my way back to Tucson one more time

It’s a lesson of the desert
That we all need water to live
And you learn alone in the silence
That you just can’t live without love
Driving down this desert highway
I’m just a cousin to the wind
But when I get to Tucson
I’ll be a long-lost friend among friends


    By Mayne Smith, 1969 © Hillgreen Music <>