April 2010: This song is now available as performed in 1986 by Mitch Greenhill & Mayne Smith and originally released on a 1986 cassette tape titled Back Where We've Never Been. The same all-live duo performances (no overdubs, no extra personnel) are now rereleased on a CD (GSCD02). See the CDs AVAILABLE page for more information.


Forgotten feeling fill my dreams again
I live in limbo with a lie
I’ve held my chin up since I can’t remember when
Can’t someone teach me how to cry?
Won’t someone teach me how to cry”

I’ve tried to let my rage and sorrow sleep
And never learned to say goodbye
But now I’m drowning in the tears that I can’t weep
Won’t someone teach me how to cry?
Someone teach me how to cry

I’ve tried before to get myself around this bend
And look my devils in the eye
But if you’ll help me with your love, my friend
Perhaps I’ll find out how to cry
Won’t someone teach me how to cry?

    By Mayne Smith, 1974 © Hillgreen Music <www.folkloreproductions.com/publishing.html>