Released on Places I’ve Been, 2008, backed by my electric rhythm guitar and three harmony vocals, Marty Holland (electric bass), and John Hall (drums), plus John R. Burr on Hammond B3 organ. Mitch contributed the lead vocal and two raunchy electric lead guitar parts; John R. Burr, Hammond B3 organ.

The Frontier band played this song at the Inn of the Beginning (Cotati CA) and Uncle Sam’s Bar & Grill (Sebastopol CA) back when it was new. It reflects the ethos of those days very well and it was good fun to play.


The car won’t start, the radiator leaks
The band ain’t worked for two or three weeks
The welfare woman don’t like my looks
She won’t send no more food-stamp books
      The good times are coming, but who knows when?
      I think I’ll go get stoned again

Stoned again, with a bunch of good old friends
Stoned again, let the hard winds blow, you know you’ll break if you can’t bend
Stoned again

The feeling’s loose, the joint is jumping
The people on the dance floor are into something
They’re shaking it high, shaking it low
Shaking with the feeling that’s good as gold
      But it won’t be long before the band takes ten
      We might go get stoned again


You can’t stay wasted all the time
You got to be able to toe that line
Be ready to act, ready to move
Ready to do whatever you choose
      But the lid’s gonna blow off now and then
      You’re gonna go get stoned again


    By Mayne Smith and Mitch Greenhill, 1971
© Hillgreen Music <>