Released on Places I’ve Been, 2008, backed by Johnny Harper (electric guitar), Marty Holland (electric bass), and John Hall (drums), John R. Burr (keyboard), plus Jim Peterson on alto sax.

Despite being written in exactly the rural circumstances it describes, this song is as close to contemporary jazz as I’ve ever come.


Solitaire — grass is blowing in the summer air
I’m waiting for the night to come and bring you home and playing solitaire
King of spades hiding out behind the deuce and trey
Put it underneath the king of hearts if it starts to blow away
      Sitting here alone upon our hillside in the sun
      Sometimes makes me feel I may be missing out on someone’s fun
But never fear; I’m not going anywhere
If you meet with some delay then I’ll just play at solitaire

Loving you isn’t all I like to do
But you make the rest worthwhile; you help me smile my troubles through
Life is hard, even sitting in your own backyard
I have paid my share of dues but having you is full reward
      Maybe I will make a song and play it while you’re gone
      I can sing it for you when you find your way back home again
Sunset soon, shutting down the afternoon
Waiting for the crickets’ song to call you home, and playing solitaire

    By Mayne Smith, 1970 © Hillgreen Music <>