Released on Places I’ve Been, 2008, this performance was recorded in 1971 by the four-piece Frontier band, with Mitch Greenhill, acoustic lead guitar; Lee Poundstone, bass fiddle; and Michael Woodward, drums. I really cherish the golden years I spent in this band, and I was never in better voice than at this recording session.

This is another essentially true song, except that the whisky bottle wasn’t quite empty and I didn’t have a TV.


Look at that flowerpot sitting in the corner it’s
Been there too damn long
Crazy old daisy been dead for months
Ever since she’s gone
Birds outside are just starting to sing and the
Sunlight’s sneaking through the blind
TV’s going with the sound turned off
Must have been sleeping with it on

And there’s those empty hangers rattling in my closet
Box of hairpins sitting on the shelf
And a whisky bottle on the table by my side
I must have drunk it by myself
Just to wish the new day health

Six o’clock on Saturday morning I
Must have had a dream
Always makes me feel king of funny
Things don’t look the same
Just now when I woke for a second I swore I felt her near
Reached out my hand to touch her side and I
Found she wasn’t there

Just those empty hangers . . .

Not much use just sitting around
Waiting for the phone to ring
Mailman comes about eleven o’clock but he
Never brings a thing
One of these days I’ll get me a box and I’ll
Haul her stuff away
Leave those hangers on the back of the rack
Might need ‘em again someday

Those old empty hangers

    By Mayne Smith, 1969 © Hillgreen Music <>