Released on Places I’ve Been, 2008. Johnny played lead on acoustic guitar.

I started this song about my 25-year partnership with Gail. Then Gail came up with lots of exciting ideas which I juggled some more. Then I presented several verses and some extra lines to Johnny, and over the course of a busy weekend he finished a very satisfying musical setting and a full set of words. Singing the song in the studio, I teared-up the first time and had to come back later to get a usable take.


Throughout my life I wandered far and wide
Without my true companion by my side
Dreaming of a love I never knew
Then a door opened and she walked through
      Call it fate or happy accident
      At last I came to find my heart’s content

She picked me up and never let me down
I hurt her feelings, still she sticks around
She knows my secrets and my ways and means
She mends my sorrows and she sews my seams
      It took me years but now I’m confident
      She truly is my heart’s content

he has her projects and I have mine
We visit back and forth when our times align
It’s that much nicer when we get to talk
Like when we travel or just take a walk
      It’s just as wonderful as what I dreamt
      Yes, she really is my heart’s content

We’ve tripped and stumbled but, Lord, how we’ve climbed
On desert rambles and wild mountain times
When we’re together I am never lost
On any winding road or bridge we cross
      My guiding star is truly heaven-sent
      My cup is full, Lord; my heart’s content

    By Mayne Smith, Gail Wilson-Smith, and Johnny Harper, 2007
© Hillgreen Music <>