Released on Places I’ve Been, 2008. Performed by the Redwood Canyon Ramblers reunion band with tenor harmony by Tom Rozum. The Ramblers (myself on guitar, Scott Hambly on mandolin, and Neil Rosenberg on banjo) became the Bay Area’s first bluegrass band in 1959. Tom Glass joined us on bass fiddle for our biggest season, the summer of 1960, and Ed Neff has joined us on fiddle for important gigs since 1991.

Mitch Greenhill and I released this song on our 1979 Bay Records album, Storm Coming (now available as a CD). There we played it in a reggae rhythm, but the song was written in ¾ time and nowadays I like it better with acoustic instrumentation.

Sidetrip: This song has a very specific meaning to me, but its key words and melody came directly from a Stanley Brothers recording of the late 1950s. I’ll give a free Places I’ve Been album to the first person who can tell me which song was the starting point. No fair if you heard it from a friend of mine.

  It’s not time to go now, there’s plenty of wine
There are flames in the embers, and there’s a lot on my mind
You’re sure to be leaving, but won’t you leave kind of slow
‘Cause it’s too late for loving, but it’s not time to go

The birds will be waking in an hour or so
And I heard my bed calling, just a minute ago
But here in the stillness I’m finding a flow
And it’s too late for loving, but it’s not time to go

To feel without speaking’s OK if it works
But to speak without feeling is many times worse
So I’ll say what I can and just hope the rest shows
‘Cause it’s too late for loving, but it’s not time to go
Yes it’s too late for loving but it’s not time to go

    By Mayne Smith, 1977 © Hillgreen Music <>