Released on Places I’ve Been, 2008, backed by Johnny Harper (electric guitar), Marty Holland (electric bass), and John Hall (drums) plus John R. Burr on keyboard, with me on pedal steel and harmony vocals by Tom Rozum. § I made up this song before I had ever performed in an electric band, much less toured with one. Yet it seems to capture something that musicians enjoy, myself included. (Previously recorded by Lance Romance and by Kevin Russell.)

  I got a million-dollar voice and a two-bit brain
They may not put me in the Hall of Fame
But I got a reputation and a well-known name, and I like it
The folks back home might call me a flirt
Been a mighty long time since I plowed any dirt
I got pink and orange flowers on my turquoise shirt, and I like it

Yes, I like it — I like it fine
Keep on rolling the show on down the line
Got to finish up here and make Dallas by nine
Making country music don’t leave you much time
But I like it — oh yeah

I got a fancy guitar with a thousand-dollar amp
Got pretty gold sequins all over my pants
I’m broke and they won’t pay me in advance, but I like it
Got a thirty-dollar band on a fifty-cent had
And a sneaky old agent who’s getting too fat
Spent my last time for coffee in a laundromat, but I like it


I’m fancy-gear rich and money poor
Even though I got the movies just a-beating down the door
If I want to get some cash I got to sing some more, but I like it
Now boys and girls, don’t you get me wrong
It ain’t so simple to sing a good song
If you don’t really mean it then you don’t belong, but I like it


    By Mayne Smith, 1965 © Hillgreen Music <>