I intended to include this song on my Places I’ve Been (2008) album, because I have a demo from the late sixties on which I played a pretty good finger-picked lead guitar. But on listening more carefully I decided I might have been too easy on myself in trying to let the girl down gently (in contrast to Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice” which inspired this song but was more out-front).

I’m adding this to MayneSmith.com in February 2010 because I’ve heard from several guys who have been singing the song for many years and want to hear my original version. Thank you Rolly Brown, Jim Cerano, and Charley Walter, for keeping the song alive and letting me know about it.

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  It’s been nice to be your friend, and I’ll be one til the end,
And the times we’ve had together have been grand
But don’t get the wrong idea when I whisper in your ear
That I love you and I really understand

I’m your pal not your man
I love you, but as a friend
Through the years I’ll stick by you
And my friendship will be true
But I’m not the man for you

If it hurts you to be told, then I’m sorry to be bold
Perhaps I ought to go somewhere and hide
I would rather leave than lie, even though it makes you cry
I just can’t keep worries bottled up inside


Now it often worries me that my heart remains so free
And I wonder sometimes will I find the one
But until that time arrives, I’ll refrain from telling lies
And admit that true love simply hasn’t come


    By Mayne Smith, 1966 © Hillgreen Music <www.folkloreproductions.com/publishing.html>