Released on Places I’ve Been, 2008, backed by Johnny Harper (electric guitar), Marty Holland (electric bass), and John Hall (drums) plus me on pedal steel and Tony Marcus (fiddle); the tenor harmony is by Tom Rozum.

My three months (1975) in Jim Sherwood’s band at the White Stone Cabaret in Seattle came at a sad time in my life, but I was treated very well there. On a weekly basis we not only played six nights at the White Stone but also anchored two after-hours jam sessions at the Riverside Inn south of town. (I foolishly left to join another band that fell apart even before the promised record contract did.)

  Seattle can be lonely with Christmas coming on
It’s kind of cold and rainy on the shores of Puget Sound
But there’s a place to go if you’re a stranger all alone
The White Stone Cabaret can be your home away from home

Pulling beer is Don, the owner, with his smile on upside down
That’s Bev, his wife, who’s clowning as she pours a glass of wine
The boss barmaid is Jody and her elbow’s sharp and strong
And it often clears the traffic in this home away from home

It’s a living room with beer taps, it’s a dancehall filled with friends
And every night but Monday there’s a cooking country band
It may get kind of noisy when the evening’s wearing on
But that’s the way we like it in our home away from home

When the Coast Guard and the sharpies and the single gals have gone
The doors are locked, the glasses and the pitchers gathered in
Then Don and Bev and Jody, and Melody and Jim
Make a tired but happy family in their home away from home

Afternoons it’s warm and quiet with old Kelsey at the bar
Sometimes the steel man comes around to practice for an hour
Or if there’s a game today they’ll have the television on
And downstairs they’re shooting eight-ball in this home away from home

    By Mayne Smith, 1977 © Hillgreen Music <>