Released on Places I've Been, 2008, performed by the Redwood Canyon Ramblers reunion band. The tenor vocal was Scott Hambly's. The Ramblers (myself on guitar, Scott Hambly on mandolin, and Neil Rosenberg on banjo) became the Bay Area's first bluegrass band in 1959. Tom Glass joined us on bass fiddle for our biggest season, the summer of 1960 and Ed Neff has joined us on fiddle for important gigs since 1991.

This is my first attempt to write and perform a song in the classic manner of Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys, whose music I have loved and studied for fifty years.


After long years of rambling alone
I found a family and a home
But all I gained is gone today
So I'm looking for that lost highway

I'm headed back to the lost highway
Don't want no job, no place to stay
I'll keep on rolling, come what may
To a new horizon every day

Just keep away, out of my face
Don't need nobody on my case
Might see you again, but I just can't say
I'm looking for that lost highway


I bid farewell to youth and hope
And focus on the open road
No thoughts of future or of past
Until I reach my final rest


    By Mayne Smith, 2005 © Hillgreen Music <>